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*currently holding my tears while writing this*

I am just started to write again on this blog & I wouldn't really expect that today, I'll write again, sadly..


Last night, like usual I was online-ing tengok movie & whatnot ~

At around 0.00 am Otet (anak betina bongsu) tiba tiba came to me & 'climbed' my body and leaned her head at my shoulder like she wanted some cozy place to sleep (well actually dia tak pernah pun buat macam gitu)

So I was excited & touched by her act & behaviour so I took couple of pictures of it and immediately posted on my Wechat's moment:
(last night)

After about 10-15 minutes she went out & I don't know where she was going.

Around 4am I went upstairs, wash-up & heard something strange downstairs. So I went down and saw she caught a mouse (which is really annoying) but Idk why I didn't scold her for that, I just took the mouse away & went upstairs to sleep, as I remembered.

Today, I woke up late~ ya really and with my half awake half sleep I went to fetch my brothers from school, buy lunch & straight back to our home~ sending my little brother to KAFA around 3.30pm and around 4pm I drove back home. I was just made some hot chocolate for my 'breakfast', and when about to drink it, some girls (from the neighbourhood) knock our door..

The girls: kakak, mcm mna nak ckp?
Me: ...
The girls: kucing yang kelabu tu mati dkt depan rumah Ros (one of the girl in the neighbourhood)
Me: kelabu? betina?
The girls: aah. kot nak tanam ke.... (I guess they are pretty scared to talk to me or feeling awkward to tell me about Otet)
Me: okay takpa satgi kakak p tengok..

I shut the door & shaking, wandering around for few minutes, hoping that the "kucing betina warna kelabu" is not Otet. I got dressed, went to Ros's house & my tears started to drop down. Seeing that Otet's blooded mouth, I can't really stand for it. I hold my emotion for not crying infront of the parents (as it was the peak time for parents to send/ get their children from the taska in front of my house), took Otet, hold her tight & went home.

My leg was shaking & I walking around the house (with Otet in my arms, holding tight) & started to cry....

I called my parents & told them what happened..

For about 15 minutes holding her, I put her at the kitchen and started to cry & cry & cry

I left her and went upstairs to wash up as I have her blood (yang menitik) from her mouth all over my shirt.

Settle down, digging her 'grave' at the yard behind our house, and buried her & her kittens inside :(

Kesian kan? we are expecting her kittens tak lama lagi. Nak buat macam mana takda rezeki...

My mum told me that mungkin family kita tak sesuai warna macam tu.

Yup we adopted Otet sebab dia sama macam Mekto. Like SEBIJIK! (can refer Mekto's pic on the Bumblebee's tab on your right)

Apa yang buat aku menyesal, harini aku tak jumpa dia langsung since last night, when she caught a mouse & bring it inside..

I'm gonna miss you Otet.
Malam ni, bila kakak online, takda sapa nk duduk bawah kerusi kayu tu, teman kakak.
Malam ni, bila kakak makan kat depan laptop, Otet dh takda nak mintak makanan.
Malam ni kakak dah tak nampak Otet jalan sana sini.
Malam ni, Otet dah takda nak manja2 & bila Otet manja2 kan Otet suka gigit gelang & rantai emas mama& kakak kan?
Malam ni, Otet dah takda nak tido atas sofa, tekangkang :')
Malam ni, Otet dah takda nak tido kat atas bantal kuning tu
Malam ni, Otet dah takda nak mai tido kat kaki kakak bila kakak online
Malam ni Otet dh takda nak mai kacau kakak online, sengaja jalan atas keyboard kan? habeh semua terpadamm
Malam ni kalau kakak makan, Otet dah takda nak mintak lauk
Malam ni bila kakak habeh makan, Otet dah takda nak habiskan lauk yg tinggal
Malam ni Otet dah takda nak urut2 perut kakak lepastu datang gigit telinga
Malam ni, bila kakak masuk toilet, Otet dah takda nak ikut kakak
Malam ni bila kakak isi air dalam bekas air tu Otet dah takda nak panjat minum
Malam ni Otet dah takda nak urut bear/ comforter dalam bilik tu

Malam ni, we lost our childish-grown up Otet yang macam2 perangai~

Remember the first time we met?
Kakak dalam bilik, tiba2 Baby (my lil brother) masuk bilik & bg kucing.. *tadaaaa*

"Macam Mekto tak?" -Baby and my mom took Otet from the market nearby

-They know how I love Mekto so much-

And few weeks later we found out that you're a girl, not boy hehe

Lepastu nk hantar kakak p Seremban, Otet kena hantar nursery :p
Ingat tak Otet naik kereta lepastu eksited tengok jalan, kereta, moto..
Sampai p buka tingkap! haha

And I see you growing up so fast..

Balik raya haritu, kita tak hantar nursery, balik Langkawi, Otet hilang. Kakak risau.

Kakak cari Otet. 2-3 hari lepastu Otet balik, tp takut kat Tigermok kan? hehe

Lepastu kakak bawak balik Otet dari rumah Pakcik tu sembunyi bawah kereta dia kan?
Lepastu we found out that you're preggy yay! *excited*

Perut Otet makin hari makin besar haha expected 3 kittens kot :p
And paling lawak sekali Abah baru perasan semalam,
"Otet ni mengandung dah perasan~"- Haha padahal org lain dh tau lama dah~

And today, you're gone...

Am gonna miss you Otet. I am gonna miss you like crazy..

Jumpa kat Syurga insyaAllah..
Jumpa kat sana k Tet? Dengan anak2 Tet sekali tau :')

I love you Otet, kakak sayang Otet (Chi-Tet-Le)

Tigermok pulled out Otet's leg from under the newspapers which covered her body -shock moment- ( I have that video)
Anyonyit was like takut-takut nak approach tp dia tunggu kat pintu belakang while watching Otet

Uteh sat beside Otet

(with Nyonyit)

Doakan kakak kat dunia ni tau Citet..
Till we meet again, InsyaAllah....

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