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Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 5:36 PM | 2 Comments

okay. this is the sad decision. i just have to let my ambition away. you know why? I have 10 reasons;
1) I have to spend about rm37k to complete my ALevel IN MALAYSIA
2) If I didnt get the best result in the next two years, the rm37k will just burn away
3) If I really get the best result, I have to fight with others who are really good and excellent in their SPM to get the scholarship/sponsor.
4) If not, I have to spend another 0.5milion to get my degree in UK
5) Why not in Malaysia? cuz ALevel is like STPM for UK's student.
6) When I think about it, my parents have to spend for about half a million just to get my first degree.
7) If I got the pinjaman MARA sekalipun, I have to PAY back to them after I get my job for 1/2 MILLION ringgit.
8) No wonder lah pihak2 yg bg pinjaman tuu tulis nama student yg tak bayar balik dlm surat khabar kan?
9) They spent 1/2 juta utk seorang student. Kalau 100?
10) 8 & 9 sila jawab sendiri.

UNTUNGLAH YG 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 A boleh dpt TAJAAN :/

So, keyakinan pun takdaaa, WHAT IF I DIDNT COMPLETE MY ALEVEL DENGAN JAYANYA? aku taknak menyusahkan ibu bapa. Even they said
 'bab duit tak payah pikiaq, yang penting mau betul2 belajaq'

Yeah mmg nak betul2 belajaq tapi WHAT IF tak dpt result yg bagus? Im not going to be the beban mak bapak lagi :/ 37k akan burn mcm tu ja anddd 2 years bazir mcm tu ja. Kan? So my karangan last night I just gonna keep it utk pinjaman utk study kt tmpat lain. Wait for the UPU's result, or kptm or poli. Arghhh

Tdi, dpt lagi surat, foundation in science arhghh taknak aku! subject science pun C wtf am I going to pursue dlm science course? big LOL for meh

So I decided to tak pergi for INTEC and abah said kalau nk jd lawyer jugak, pegi la f6 LOLOLOLOL taknak! :/

SO yg ke-10,

kena pkiaq lagi nak p manaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa so stress!

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