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somewhere, sometime ..

It was dinner. A mom bought dinner for her kids. She doesn't cook because she was so busy, yet she is a hardworking person which also have a very busy husband that always goes outstation. However, they were very happy family. Back to the dinner, she asked her kids to eat. The eldest took one of the packs of dinner and opened it but then she realized that her food was nothing but a pack of rice. She was wondering if all the packs were the same. So she seeking for her brother's food, and she saw it contained another side dish than the rice. She seeked again for the other siblings', also have the side dish in every pack of the food. She just kept silent and eating like there's nothing happened. But deep inside, she was so touched. When the mother realized about the eldest, she quickly tried to comfort her by saying 'oh, I'm sorry dear, I'm just forget about you' what a quick good reason huh? but the eldest said 'its okay mom, this was enough'. The mother seems guilty and keep trying to comfort the eldest by asking her what did she ate for lunch at the hotel. By the way, the eldest had attended a hustle at the hotel early in the afternoon. The eldest saw her mothers' eyes seems so guilty and like shaking when she realized about the food, she just acted like usual by talking about what she did in the afternoon and continued eating the rice with a piece of chicken. But deep deep inside, she was so wanted to cry but she hold it off. At that time, she felt like she was nothing and a lot of feelings came to her head but she just pretended like nothing happened. The mother offered her a piece of egg, which the younger brother doesn't want to eat it, but she refused and quickly finishing her dish before she started to cry. After have all eaten, she went to her room and released what she felt until she fell asleep. She was so disappointed. Really disappointed. She knew that the mother didn't love her like she loves the others. Her mother just need her to tell stories and secrets when she bored. She knew that deep inside of the mothers' heart hating her. She knew she had makes a lot of mistakes that always hurts her mother but the eldest really loves her more than anything. At least she has a mother that she can love to..

That's just a sad stories, nothing to do with anyone. Can you feel what the eldest feels about it? pathetic right?

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