first day exam was SUCKS !
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 4:05 PM | 2 Comments

today , i went to school like usual . first day exam ..

well , dlm tga2 na start exam , she came put her bb on my table , and pulled my hands . i was wondering why ?
ohh , she got the nailclipper . okay , i bet she wanna help me cut the nails ! thanks anyway . but do it nicely lah ! dh laa ptong rapatt terox ! okay fine , dh mmg my fault simpan kuku pnjang . mmg sakit , psal dea ptong kuku gilaa rapat smpai isi ! first tu i enat takde ppe , tp smpai luka2 , darah menitik atas meja pn dea ta notice nie ? how comee ?

 tried not to weep , i asked my friends for a tissue when the blood has been around my finger , grr ><' 
 thank god , syaza brought the tissue and gave it to me . thanks syaza . kalo tidak , habes bju scola penuh darah . and thanks eton , for helping me get the tissue . sorry i was crying that time . tabule ckp jelas sgt . nseb baek eton faham what i was asking for :)

i am so dissapointed on her atitude ! damn it ! i adored her , but when she do this to me ,  idk what i should feel about her anymoree . i can't hate her because she is my teacher 
 hmm i suppose to just keep quiet .

*simpan dalam hati je laa aten :'(

*nseb baek luka tuu bule dikatakan minor cuts , kalo dak , huh
*taking examination with the bloody finger -__-

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